Cherished and Taken for Granted

I’m playing with my Photo Explosion Image Editor program that my dad magically pulled out from somewhere in the house. It sorta looks as complicated as Photoshop and I spent a good 15mins searching around in the program to open my darn photo.

This picture was taken on 3rd September with my very first hands on with the DSLR, so the image was kinda dark. So I decided to play around with the Photoshop-look-alike-program to adjust the brightness and sharpness since I didn’t take it in RAW to which I couldn’t edit the brightness in the ViewNX2 (Nikon image program that came with the DSLR).

And the results… Kind of a fail picture with lots of rough grainy noise around.. lol =/

Well, at least my doggie’s got the easy part.. Just snoozing around all day and disturbing me in the morning.

And after having to go through with army, I just love spending time with my family and dog. To lose out on my first 21 years of my life without much interaction with my family is quite a horror after the realization knocked into my by the army of how important family support and time spent together really is.

‘Cherish’ and ‘Taken for Granted’.