Trip to the Zoo

I went to the Zoo with my family and grandma last Saturday and it was not as boring as I expected it to be since I had my camera with me.

While on the excitement to go gun blazing with my camera, I soon found out the limitations of my lens to be frustrating and people around me were carrying huge gigantic 200mm-400mm lens while I had an itchi-maiyo 18-105mm lens.

On some shots, I was close enough with my lens fully zoomed in on 105mm to take this mummy monkey looking at all the people crowding around her and her lil baby (featured below). She’s just like a star (a fast moving one as she didn’t sit very still) with many people trying to snap the perfect shot.

Her lil baby who was close by who was trying to pull a leaf up to grab a bite. All the spectators around this young star was squirming as it was so cute seeing this baby in action.

And finally, success!  Like some guy in some country said: “If you don’t succeed the first time, try again!”

‘Contented’ is all I can say for all these wildlife that I saw in the zoo on that day.

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